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Power Flushing

Power Flush

A central heating system needs servicing periodically, in the same way as a car needs servicing to remain at peak performance. For a heating system, the service comes in the form of power-flushing.

Over time, rusty sludge, called “magnetite”, builds up in hot water central heating systems. This sludge can block pipes, radiators, and boiler heat exchangers. This will seriously affect the efficiency of your central heating system. In turn, this can lead to higher fuel bills and bring forward the need to replace some or all parts of the system.

Have you noticed any of the following?

  • Radiators are cold at the bottom or the top.
  • Some radiators are cold all over.
  • Boiler cuts out.
  • Irritating boiler noise.
  • Black water when you bleed air out of the radiator.
  • Higher gas bills.
These can all be symptoms of trapped sludge, trapped hydrogen gas (a by-product of corrosion), blocked pipes, heat exchangers, or valves. The solution is to remove the sludge by power-flushing your central heating system.

What is involved in a power-flushing service?

Power-flushing uses a high-velocity, low-pressure jet to pump cleansing fluid through each part of the central heating system. The boiler, each radiator and the coil in the hot water cylinder are each cleaned individually. Finally, an inhibitor is added to protect your system from further rusting and clogging for several years.

During the service, I carry out the following:

  • Inspect your central heating and assess current performance
  • Identify problem areas in your system
  • Recommend any system modifications and upgrades
  • Flush out sludge and lime scale from your system
  • Protect your system from rust by adding corrosion inhibitors
  • Balance your system to optimise the performance of your boiler and radiators

The service takes approximately 6 hours. The benefits should last for at least five years.

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